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What our customers say…


…Blackline lead Global ERP implementation for Sourcing, Purchasing and AP in 9 months with  visibility to recurring savings of $20M…

Global Source to Pay roll out

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…Blackline helped mitigate the risks of global invoice automation – beyond readiness, they ensured post launch success -with 80% e-Invoice adoption…

AP Automation roll out

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…we needed to move from paper checks to eletronic payments – Blackline delivered with recurring cash management savings of $2M …

Cash Management roll out

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What We Offer

Blackline is entrusted by leadership to deliver on their top priorities.

Beyond delivery, the way we work reflects our Service Mindset Values – ensuring your near term needs are met, while preserving the long term stakeholder buy-in required for adoption and success.

Blackline bridges the gap between strategy and results with seasoned operational experts. Whether leading a priority initiative or providing interim leadership to elevate your organization – Blackline’s focus is results.

100% of our customers have re-engaged us for their top priorities. They know that our staff offers the rare ability to get work done while bridging relationships in a positive manner. Achieving short term goals while providing a positive extension of our sponsors reputation is our unique selling point.

In addition to standard program/project leadership skills (process, analysis and communications), Blackline professionals all have backgrounds as operational leaders in top private, government and educational sectors.  This ensures that your next initiative has the benefit of people who can mitigate risks with proven real world experience.

  • Global Pharmaceutical: Electronic Payment Adoption 85%
  • Telecommunications: Electronic PO Adoption 88%
  • Banking: Supplier Setup & Validation Compliance 98%

Frequently Asked Questions

Blackline offers all our customers regular complementary ‘knowledge shares’ to answer common questions that summarize the risks, realities and proven options for success on emerging topics.

Contact us to schedule a confidential discussion with one of our  Managing Directors and we can help ensure your initiative benefits from insights gained from real world experience.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Blackline provides project leadership for finance leaders in Pharmaceutical, Finance, Telecommunication, Government, Technology and Retail industries.

These companies are usually experiencing rapid growth and looking for seasoned experts who can deliver while elevating the performance and mind share of their teams.

What kind of work do you do?

Some of recent engagement focus includes:

1) Coupa implementation for Sourcing, Purchasing and AP

2) automating all procurement and invoice processing workflow

3) automating controls for supplier setup, validation and payment

4) establishing Sourcing engagement to increase lead times for key negotiations

5) ERP consolidation efforts related to Mergers and Acquisitions

6) evaluating and mapping options for long term global payments strategy

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